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Rochford Construction - Vision & Values

Rochford Construction’s visions and values have not changed since the day of establishment in 1986. Our vision is simple and our values are clear.


Rochford Construction - Vision

To be a leading preferred contractor within the construction industry. We will stand out from the competitors. We will be recognised for our focus on the Health & safety of all our people and always maintain its importance. We will show that although our main focus, it has never jeopardized our continuous delivery of outstanding workmanship, maintaining workload schedules, nor will it affect the profitably of our work.


Rochford Construction - Values

A company of complete integrity – To be transparent, maintaining communication with client at all times and always doing ‘the right thing’. This honesty comes from the very top of the organisation and filters throughout; creating a happy and friendly workforce which in turn increases productivity.

Health, Safety Quality and the Environment: Surely HS& E is at the core of our vision, as it is our values. Our client base is an astounding 80% repeat business, this we believe to be because we are living our vision and continue to evolve, even in this department. Our management systems are accredited to IS0 9001 ISO 14001 OHAS 18001 standard. Our dedicated HSQE department are dedicated to the prevention of accidents and lowering risk.

Teamwork, communication and respect – To keep all channels of communication open for everybody, at all levels of the business. Every member of staff has a voice and it will be heard. We realise that we owe our success to the successful relationships between every department and job role at Rochford Construction Ltd.